How does the reading, The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature,” by William Cronon, either go along with or differ from your past notions of nature and the role of humans in its destruction?

I have always had this thought that what I see as wilderness isn’t really genuine wilderness. If humans have inhabited it then it’s not the wild anymore. Even people who go off on retreats into this said “wilderness” are just walking the same trails and paths that the last retreat group went on before them. All the places which humans have visited are disrupted. There may be less animals, the ground treaded on by human shoes, and we have somewhat altered yet another home.

I also agree that human beings tend to take what they have for granted until it’s almost gone. Then we begin to start worshipping it. This pertains to pretty much anything since everything has a limit; relationships, candy, time, and the most important one in this case– nature. I don’t believe many people would care about the environment or the beauty and spiritual nature that it holds if it wasn’t so clear that our actions we have taken on it had led to its slow but now clear destruction.

So, I have to agree with Cronon on his notions of nature and human destruction.